Improve Your Data Integrity and Save Money on Postage Costs

Easily manage your mailing lists and presorting process with Bulk Mailer Secap Edition mailing
software. Offered in either Standard, Professional and Business Edition.

Unsurpassed Mail Preparation

Prepare USPS® compliant mailings quickly, making your mailing operations even that much more
productive with Bulk Mailer® Secap Edition. With this intuitive software package you can achieve
increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates, while avoiding the aggravation of
deciphering complex postal regulations. Its superior productivity features include:

• Easy to follow wizard-based processes
• Reusable templates save time for repetitive mailings
• CASS CertifiedTM for address correction
• PAVETM certified postal presorting
• Real-time NCOALink® service
• Custom high-speed printer support

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