Flats Presorting

AMS is now offering the Easy-Flats program where we process and save you postage, labor, ink, and meter tape on any piece of mail considered a flat. A flat is any large envelope between 4 and 13 ounces in weight and that is less than 3/4" thick. The process for presorting flats is virtually the same as with letter presorting except you do not affix any postage. Our state-of-the-art equipment reads the address, weighs the mail piece, and affixes the appropriate bar-coded postage. It is then sorted, verified by USPS, and sent to its destination.

  • Affixes postage using a USPS-approved Manifest Mailing System (MMS)
  • Pick up, process, and deliver your flats the same day
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • Detailed statement reflecting your postage discount of $.05 per flat