Presort Services

What is presorting, and why is it good for my business?

Basically, presorting is a process of sorting mail pieces by zip code before they arrive at the Post Office. Arkansas Mailing Services works closely with the United States Postal Service to presort mail, making sure it is verified and ready for delivery. Allowing us to presort your mail can result in large postage discounts to you and your business. Postage discounts can save you thousands of dollars in postage a year!

So, what is the presort process?

Customers affix postage to their letter mail as usual. The mail is picked up by our courier or dropped off by the customer and is processed at our facility. The mail goes out that same day. It is delivered to the USPS General Mail Facility in North Little Rock where most of Arkansas' mail is processed from all over the state. The presort process is just that simple.


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